How I become a Designer and Web Developer In Malaysia

Source: How I become a Designer and Web Developer In Malaysia


As a person who is still in the designer position, I can answer it. How to become a good web designer? What you mean by excellence refers to what is excellent. Is it good to look at your design, or is it good when you put the website after designing it online? Look at this thing how to say it, everyone’s aesthetic is not the same, many kinds of big websites, many people will feel bad, but the use is still used, but if you are a designer, the boss feels bad, you have to change Even if you think it looks good again. Once my tutor said that one of your design drafts, you give 1000 people to see, is not allowed to be 1000 views. Your design is very cool, others say that you design is too fancy, you design is very simple, others say that you design too. So if you use it well, it seems too difficult to define whether this designer is excellent or not. Easy to use? It’s easy to use is the problem of typesetting and interaction. If you want to ponder over this problem, you can think about it for a long time. Closer to home, what is the good designer in my eyes. What is the original intention of the design? For example, if you design a website, you want the viewer to know about your company’s products from your website, or you can directly contact us to buy (online purchase). Of course, this should be the boss’s most hopeful, and we exist. The meaning is to help the boss achieve what he wants to achieve. Even if your website is not so good-looking, but it brings profits to the boss, the boss will feel that your website looks good, but if your website design is beautiful, the boss does not have a profit, then the boss looks at your design draft. Even if you look at you, you will feel that your designer is really not good. So the website we design is to attract others and then achieve the original purpose of your design website. This way, the website you design is a good website. There are also many things involved, such as interaction, psychology, and so on. I don’t understand these very well. All in all, a good designer, the design of the web page, is definitely the purpose of the original design of this page.


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